I’m rarely bored.  There’s barely enough time in my day to do what I have to do much less what I want to do.  Actually, I’m the first to tell whichever Native dares  to tell me that he’s bored, ” there’s no such thing as bored, there are only boring people.  Do you need help finding something to do?”  and off I’ll go to list all the things they could and should be doing.  It usually starts with scrubbing down their bathroom but it never ends favorably for the Natives.  They’ve learned not to come to me with their bored problem and have come up with some pretty creative solutions.  Yesterday, as a matter of fact, they built a pinata, strung it up over a tree branch and had Chief go at it.   Today was a different story.  Baby Girl is growing.  I’m 29 weeks pregnant and my mobility is limited.  Anything I have to do I don’t want to do (grocery shopping – YUCK!!) and everything I want to do I can’t.

It’s rainy out. . . and I just got tired of being in my head.  I gave in,  I told Cowboy I was bored.  This was his response


A 6′ blank canvas.  Somebody doesn’t like my belly-aching.  Now I have 12 weeks to create a masterpiece!  My mind is racing with possibilities.   He might be sorry he gave me this, I just watched a documentary on Jean-Michel Basquiat and I’m feeling REALLY inspired by his work.   He says there’s a wall in the living room that needs this, we’ll see if he’ll think the same when I’m done!


4 thoughts on “Bored

    • I didn’t say beautiful – inspiring YES! Thought -provoking, YES! Plus don’t you want to know what’s in Tater’s mind? Poor little guy, he’s the least vocal of this clan. Besides, all our living room walls are full, this is a Grammy piece! You have a 6’wall to accommodate this don’t you?

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