Agents of Love

Of all the jobs I’ve ever had, teaching the Natives to love one another is one of the most difficult, annoying, exasperating (albeit most important) jobs I’ve ever had.  Sometimes the Natives are just not loving.  They  behave feral, they don’t cooperate,  and will seek and create opportunities to . . . be nasty to one another.  Three little boys intentionally being mean to one another day in, day out – all day – everyday compounded with the tattle-taleing wears me down.

Still I’m expected to rejoice. . . in all things.  After all they are a blessing from the Lord.  But how does this mom find joy in the suffering with so little patience to start with?!  Enter the Agents of Love!

They never saw this coming.   If I was going to have to endure their endless cycle of meanness, selfishness and general all around nastiness I thought something good should come from it, and I’m always up for a good laugh!

As the Agent of Love they’re required to memorize and recite scripture starting with 1 Corinthians 16:14 and Galatians 5:13 (since these are the verses on their cape).  Then they’re to  wear the outfit while doing loving things for one another.  Usually they’re to do their brother’s least wanted chore(s)  OR if they think up something genuinely kind-hearted to make up for previous wrongs,  they’ll earn their way out of the Agents of Love outfit sooner.  Either way, they’re to wear the outfit and tell their previous victim of nastiness, ” I am an agent of Love and I was created by God to Love you.” While they never start out happy about putting on the outfit,

they always end up happier having done so.  I hope they’re learning to be loving, these life lessons are going to serve them well in their future.

Exasperating still, but now oh so worth it!!