Warrior Diet – Day 2

The kids were up early this morning complaining of sore throats.  After having a night of fractured sleep, I was not able to get up in time to do my 5 mile warrior walk.  Regardless, I have maintained my resolve to hold to the diet.

11 AM –  warm lemon water

Noon – 8 oz. cup of coffee with 1 TBSP MCT oil, 1 tsp. collagen and 1 – 2  TBSP creamer

2PM – ‘Take the Edge Off’ Power Shake:  8 oz black coffee, 2 scoops vegan super greens protein, 1 banana, 1 TBSP chia seeds

It’s 7 PM.  I should have broken my fast 2 hours ago.  Cowboy had an inspiration this morning that he’s turning into a sandwich – Jalapeno Poppers Chicken Sandwich. We’ve been looking forward to it ALL day, but he hasn’t started preparing them because he’s been busy this afternoon putting up new shelves in the kitchen.  I’ve needed these shelves and they  look fantastic!


He always does such a good job feathering our nest . . .

but I missed my feeding window.

I’m not doing well.  As Spitfire once said, ” I can feel my stomach eating itself!” I saw a documentary once about a man who decided to starve himself to death.  He hiked out to a desolate place in the woods, set up his camera, set up his tent and he laid down and waited to die.  He documented the shut down of his body.  I couldn’t help thinking of that while waiting for dinner.   . .

Dinner is served!

Dinner is served!!  I had Better than Chick-Fil-A, Extreme Chicken Jalapeno sliders!  Good Gracious they were good! I did cheat.  I had a hot dog, maybe a 1/4 c baked beans, a TBSP of macaroni salad.  BUT all in all if I went over my allowable caloric intake, it wasn’t by much.  It seemed like I got stuffed sooner.

Even with a bumpy start to the day, today was manageable.  My energy level is good.  I haven’t had any headaches.  I did experience nausea around 6PM. In the future I’ll stave off hunger with a vegan taco.