So, I’m not going to apologize – again.  It’s just me.  Inconsistent, erratic and prone to distractions.  And plenty of  distractions, I do have.


Still that’s no excuse to neglect something that was meant to stay in touch with family and friends.  I haven’t forgotten about  you and have thought of you often.  I’ve written you plenty of posts, I just never found a way to get them out of my head .  That paranoia thing I last wrote about was just something I couldn’t get around.


Shadow Ninja

Until recently.  My solution: I made this blog private and will create a public blog for more of what I hope will be an open dialogue with other modern day  homemakers going down the road of self-sufficiency.

Now I can royally neglect 2 blogs!  I hope not.  I continue to work on myself daily and every day I’m just trying to be a better version of me.


Which brings me to my next point – I’m doing another 30-day challenge!  I’m excited about it. So much so that I’m bringing you all along for the accountability factor.

For the next 30 days I will be on the Warrior Diet.  One meal a day.  I’ll be eating 1440 calories during a 4-hour window of time.  I did a trial run last week to learn my method.  The 3rd day in Cowboy called me a B*^#H.  He said my new diet was making me mean.

mean dog

It’s quite possible, my love’s not known to be a liar.  But in my defense, I was in the process of learning me. I had to find out how long I can push it, how to break my fast, when to break my fast, what I can eat, how to work my newly found veganism (that was my last month’s discovery! ) into my new way of eating. So far this has been my discovery on the Warrior Diet:

  •  I must break fast at 2PM or I get edgy.
  • If my main meal comes after 7PM, I’m mean and my sleep is restless.
  • My final meal must begin at 5PM so that I’m done by 6.
  •  I must NOT be interrupted during my feeding hour or whilst I’m preparing my food.
  • My sweet tooth has lost its grip.
  •  I have more energy!
  • I have food liberation!  I’m not obsessing about what to eat and beating myself up over indulging on foods I eat and shouldn’t . I can enjoy bananas, potatoes, rice – as long as they fall within my daily caloric requirement.
  • My rest is sound and satisfying.
  •  I can drink 3/4 of a gallon of water a day.
  • Water is filling.
  • Hunger is a temporary state of mind.  If I start to feel hungry one of my many distractions comes to the rescue!

I’m encouraged after my first trial week.  I think I have a successful outline for this lifestyle change to work.  I’ll be tweaking it in the coming days and I hope we can all learn from it.

I’m starting this at 157.8 lbs.  If I make it into the 140’s in the next 30 days I’ll consider it a success.  Although my goals for this lifestyle change are greater than just a number on a scale but I’ll leave that for another post.