Cowboy’s View

I’ve often wondered what I look like from other peoples eyes.

Most of the time I’m too absorbed in the madness of the moment to consider a different viewpoint.

But sometimes in those early morning hours whilst everyone is lost in restful slumber,

strange thoughts wander into my head.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not successfully masking my oddities enough

to keep others from thinking I’m a little off kilter.

With all my heart, I really do want my children to have normal in their lives.


I know Cowboy would love more sexy in his life.


Still for all my efforts sometimes normal and sexy just evade me.


  Just me in my nightie, jacket and rain boots.


 En route to let the chickens out I stumbled upon a whole colony of nice, fat, juicy worms!  Excited by the morning treat my girls were going to get, I armed myself with chopsticks (thanks Grammy!) and an old Chinese take out container and I went worm hunting.

I thought I was alone in my madness . . . well to be fair, even if I knew the household was up I wouldn’t have raced inside to put my pearl necklace on, alas my one and only true love was watching me.

This was the scene Cowboy stumbled upon on his way to the chiropractor.  His wife in the front yard, in her nightie and rain boots worm hunting.


UGH!!  In hindsight – what must the neighbors think?!

I did check before walking outside that nobody was out.  Plus I was behind some trees . . . still,

sometimes the madness of the moment just overtakes me.

I did collect a whole container full of worms,  and I was particularly proud of my bounty.

The girls were thrilled with their treat and sure did love me.

Lady of Rage

Dah Lady of Rage’s Happy Face

Cowboy, on the other hand, was completely unphased.

He just shook his head and asked me what I was doing.

A girls just got to love a guy who has seen her at her weirdest.

It’s no wonder I have those moments in the wee morning hours when all I can hear are the words to this song

“you never know just how you look through other people’s eyes”.


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