Lost Love Reunited Part 2

Since my last planner post I had great intentions to set up weekly appointments with myself to work in my planner.  My new-found love (aka my planner) would demand I take the time to organize my projects, our school, my hobbies, my work life, my responsibilities, my fitness goals and anything else my mind would conjure up.  It would demand I edit and prioritize for my sake, for my family’s sake!  For one moment in time my life would work  and make sense.   Unfortunately, that’s how far it got.  A notion in my head and my pinterest board .

This is my planner today

Catch All

Other then catching all my ‘important’ notes, it’s not functional and it’s a little embarrassing.  I think it reflects the conditions of my head and lack of discipline.

Planner Carrying Case

I-Pod Carrying Case

I keep my planner close by to catch-all my tidbits, notes, important papers, receipts, fun quotes, stamps, shopping lists,  those frequent customer punch-it cards. . . I really don’t know all that’s in there, but I do know I need it. Even in its condition it has come to my rescue.

I just wish I could spend the time with it to make it more functional, and better organized.  I’m certain I’d be more productive.  My one day organized planner would have the power to make my life work exactly how I want it,  even if it’s just on its pages.


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