Calling Batman

Some  days are just hairier then others.  Some days you start out barely treading water and sinking quick.  No matter what you do, you keep falling behind.  Today was that sort of day for me.  Morning chores were taking forever, the laundry was piled high, school books needed to be cracked, and the Warrior Princess was fussing for breakfast. Today I just needed a hero.



distress signal

Yes, I know he has a big job protecting Gotham City.


Yes, I know that my troubles are nothing compared to what he has to battle on a regular basis.



Holy Snowflakes, Batman!! A Megalodon!

Yes, I know Batman also gets tired and has bad days.


But maybe, just maybe if I ask real nice he’ll hop into his bat mobile,


take off all that armor, leave his burdens at the front door


and help me make laundry detergent.

He was Happy to Help!

I was lucky today.  Batman saw my distress signal and helped me make 6 months worth of laundry detergent!  Let this be a gentle reminder to you, dear reader:



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