One Man’s Junk . . . part 2

What was once a 10′ pergola

10' pergola

turned into a scrap heap by a heavy storm.

Fortunately, SpitFire and I were called to the scene (thanks Freecycle!).

We brought our treasure home and presented our find to Cowboy.

Cast off pergola

At first he was perplexed and confused.

He had some vague ideas about what to do.

And then it started to take shape:




A potting bench.  My LONG DESIRED potting bench!

It was his gift to me for Mother’s Day this year.

Complete with art work.


Doubt thou the stars are fire;

doubt that the sun doth burn;

doubt truth to be a liar;

but never doubt I love you.

Cowboy, of Cowboy.  After 24 years you still know how to take my breath away.

And that’s only 1/2 of it.

The other 1/2 of the pergola is in storage for another repurposed creation.

Stay tuned!


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