Calamity Farms

Our micro-farm was to be called Pio-Pio Farms after a childhood song my mother used to sing.  Yet in light of what’s happened we’re reconsidering.  Tater killed the chickens.


Enemy Within

His murderous instinct preyed on the chicklings.  Like Satan himself, he waited for a breach in their security and decimated 13 of our chicks.  1 is still missing, but 1 survived.  He didn’t eat them, he just killed them and left their little bodies scattered all over the front yard.  There are no pictures of this as it was just too graphic to want to document.  Cowboy, Spitfire and Squirrel took care of the clean up.  The next morning when Chief excitedly went out to care for the chicks, he was surprised to see all but one missing.  Apparently, Momma Hen found them and came to take them home.   The note she left in their brooder explained it all.  Aside from the object lesson the Natives got about how Satan is always preying with intent to destroy, as a family – we learned something: we’re all responsible for the care of our animals.  It’s not one person’s job and it shouldn’t be assumed that somebody else is responsible for what we’re all responsible for.  I’m just sorry that it cost 13 chick their lives to show us that we weren’t working together.








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