Who’s Afraid of the Green Monkey?

A relic from my childhood he was worse to us kids then the Boogey-Man.


The Green Monkey

Doesn’t he look like he’s levitating?!

A white-faced green monkey with a suspiciously evil grin, and blank eyes.

In the clutches of mischievous siblings, the Green Monkey was often used to terrorize, control and manipulate.

Nobody knows where he came from.  The Green Monkey was just always there, always hiding.  Watching, waiting, watching, waiting. . .   hiding in bushes, underneath pillows, in coat sleeves, or pajama bottoms,  sometimes even precariously perched in the door jambs for a perfectly timed air assault.  It was  the Green Monkey’s power – terror by surprise.

It was something about its face, or maybe the rubbery texture of his body and that tail  – it has a wire running through it that caused it to move on its own with the slightest agitation.   The monkey was creepy and many times my older brother used that monkey to terrorize me. As I grew older I learned how to harness the power of the monkey to keep my little sister and her nosy friends out of my room, then to scare my nephew (just for the fun of it!) and now . . .

Chief's not happy!

First Encounter with the Green Monkey

today it was Chief who became the Green Monkey’s victim.

Interesting Discovery

But not by my hand.  I’m a good momma and I would never!  It was an accidental discovery on behalf of the Warrior Princess.

She was amused with the rubbery monkey.

Yet her discovery caused Chief to shriek in terror and demand its immediate banishment.

Learning to Harness the Power of the Green Monkey

Yet the Warrior Princess was intrigued.

Unaffected by the monkey’s powers she found great pleasure with watching Chief run and shriek from her when she held the monkey.

For Good or Evil?

New Alliance

The Warrior Princess is coming into her own and has a new very powerful friend.

Spitfire and Squirrel are still a bit leery around the Green Monkey, preferring to keep it out of sight.

Now in the hands of the Warrior Princess the Green Monkey’s powers may once again be unleashed.






6 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of the Green Monkey?

  1. Oh how funny! What a powerful alliance. I admit, it must have been pretty cute/funny to see him shriek in terror. AND NOTE: you harassed me with that horrible monkey.

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