Hoarder’s Paradise?

To the untrained eye

 some might say it looks like a hoarder’s paradise

(poor Cowboy’s assessment of the ‘situation’.  So sad.  He’s almost perfect. He’s just not there yet.)



Mayhem – 3 hours into straightening up!

 But to the seasoned ‘collector’

this pile of  . . . stuff is actually

raw material for a suppressed creative spirit.


 But , alas, after a full day of working in here I finally got it ready for – creating!




Let the projects flow!

The room’s finally in order, again.  This time I intend to keep it this way.  I’ve set up three rules in order to accomplish this:

1.  Work on 1 project at a time.

2.  I’m not allowed (self-imposed) to bring in any more ‘raw’ material until something in here gets used up.

3.  Work on 1 project in this room per week.

 I might record the projects coming out of here just to keep me accountable.   Maybe.

Regardless, to help me accomplish my goals, I’ve set up creativity kits.  Each container holds everything for that certain project.  I’m holding these kits in the closet space of the Creative Room.

Organized Creativity Kits

Short view of closet

Creativity Kits

Long View of Closet

I’m holding on to some great things in this closet like my license plate collection that will be going into the boy’s club house, Gang’s chandelier for when we redo the kitchen;  odds and ends for a fairy garden; colored sand; paints, acrylics and water; fabric; the trunks hold bedding for instantly transforming this room into our guest room; children’s memorabilia; my childhood memorabilia; Cowboy’s childhood memorabilia; stuff, girly stuff for when we’re ready to do the Warrior Princess’ room; granny squares my mother crocheted just waiting for me to knit them together to make one beautiful patchwork blanket;  fabric swatches that I’ll be sewing together to reupholster that chair in the creative room; old wool socks for when the urge hits to make a new sock monkey; clothes for the sock monkeys; photos, photo albums –  there’s just too much to list. None of this stuff belongs in a landfill or handed over to the Goodwill.  At least not until I have a go at it first.   I’ll get to it.  One day.  I hope.  At the very least, I can try to keep it organized until I do.


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