Treasure Hunt

The Natives and I went shopping today!

We usually hate shopping.

Clothes shopping (UGH!);

food shopping ( “20 min. max. guys!  Let’s fan out, get what we need and get out! GO! GO! GO!” yes, I do say this.);

shoe shopping (Kill ME NOW!!).

But Saturday’s are Yard Sale Days!!


Shopping isn’t really shopping, it’s TREASURE HUNTING!

We bought all this for $20!

The pictures just don’t do our stash justice.

Not pictured is a gun-rack for SpitFire’s armament.


We bought hair ribbons for the Warrior Princess, a turtle rain catcher for Chief who always wants to know how much it rains; kitchen knives with a butcher’s hatchet for Cowboy; some suet holders to hold chicken treats for the chickens; 2 lanterns which I intend to turn into solar area lights for the chicken coop, a cement mixing tub; a pick-axe; 2 rose bushes; complete set of gardening tools; a handmade rag rug (don’t know who for.  I just like that it was handmade); a blue bucket for my new wash board; a metal bucket (because I like metal buckets); a Best of George Strait cd; some video game holders for the boys video games; a humming bird feeder; a picture frame; a little-helper’s broom for the Warrior Princess; and a basket for our future cat.

The Natives and I love to go treasure hunting!


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