Lost and Found

Oh how far I’ve fallen from my last book post.  The arrival of the Warrior Princess last year had me  . . . distracted to say the least.  Although, to my credit, I did dive in to George Martin’s Fire and Ice Series.


Books have always been a necessity for my ability to adapt to the changes of my life.  When I can’t control the variables of my life, Book Wall

I’ve always found comfort and security in the books that I read.  Adjusting to being a mother of 4 was easier done in between the chapters of the Game of Thrones.  Imagining dragons that could swallow woolly mammoths whole was a magical escape during the moments that I healed from my c-section, suffered through mastitis and attempted a semblance to the living though sleep-deprived.


Working through the challenges of my life are nothing compared to what I experience through the characters I read about.  The Natives like my alternate life/lives.  I bring them in with the high-lights.  I’m hoping to peak their interest.  I’m hoping to spark their imagination.  I’m hoping they’ll fall in love with reading and that one day they’ll run into me on some distant planet, in a different dimension – I’d love to hear about their experience!

I hope they don’t think I’m crazy.

I’ve lost and found my identity in the books I’ve read.


I hope they do too.




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