Nothing Says “I Love You” like . . .

a chicken coop!

Yesterday was our 17 year wedding anniversary, and in true Cowboy style,

he finished it just in time to hand over the keys to

‘le Chateau de Mi Corazon’.


As a little girl I never wanted a doll house.  The thought of contorting those life-less dolls with the dead eyes into small spaces and playing house with them made my skin itch.  My heart longed for something greater, something I could really embrace – a chicken coop was what my heart longed for.


Complete with run,




and an exceptionally cute tour-guide to show off the sand pit of their bath-house.


The interior of the coop,


complete with curtains (for egg-laying privacy I’ve read that hens like).


Once again Cowboy captivated my heart’s desire: a purple and green doll house

that’s not only pretty but is functional

and practical in every conceivable way.

I can’t wait for ‘the Girls’ to see this.


For our anniversary this year we celebrated in true style.

Cowboy took the day off and our school closed for the celebration.

We spent the day combining our talents and resources putting the finishing touches

into the garden area to create our own magical kingdom.


Every moment of my life is divinely touched.

I thank the good L-rd daily.

The chicken coop is just the cherry on top.

Happy Anniversary  Cowboy. . . I love you, forever and always.


3 thoughts on “Nothing Says “I Love You” like . . .

  1. Wow!!! Great job! It’s beautiful! And looks like he’s a pro! He can start a
    Side business making coops!! Can’t wAit to see it!

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