We’re deep in the throes of winter.  The Natives have all their winter gear drying out from the days events.  They’re chomping at the bit ready to gear up again to enjoy the last little bit of snow before it starts to thaw.   I heard one weather forecaster call what was happening in our area as “Snowmageddon” and “like nothing we’ve seen since the ‘Mighty Snowfall of 2004 when the area got 20″ of snow”!  This time we totaled 8″-  Snowmageddon indeed!  We love these Southerners and their sensationalized reporting of the weather.  Whenever extreme winter weather is called for, we’re tickled when we see the locals preparing by hitting up their local Redbox.  Mostly though, we LOVE the way it snows in the South.

We get all of the beauty,


and plenty of fun!





Even though we weren’t fully exempt [this time] from participating in the joys of digging out,


it was not an all day event, and we were able to do it with ease and in comfort!  Though we wish it would stay around a little longer, our forecast has us thawing out by this weekend.  Ah, but we’ll have the memories, and we’ll be able to join the locals in our tales to tell of how we survived the “Great Snowmageddon of 2014”!


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