Lost Love Reunited Part I

Dinner’s over and the kitchen’s all cleaned up.  Cowboy and the Natives are on a Mario Brothers adventure whilst the Warrior Princess is occupying herself scooting around the floor.

I’ve got time . . .

time . . .

all to myself . . . .

rare for sure.

For months now, I’ve had a good hour to myself before the bedtime rush.  It’s time that I can do anything I want  . . .

without interruption . . .


                                                                                        Truly rare, indeed.

What to do?  What to do?! The possibilities are endless.  There are so many things that I have to do.  I should do the mature grown up stuff.  I am 40ish after all.  There’s cleaning to catch up on, meals to plan ahead for, lessons to prepare, lessons to be corrected, bills to pay, stuff to organize.  . . .   UGH . . .


i don’t want to . . . .


Besides, I have a new love preoccupying my thoughts.  A new love that needs to be nurtured.  I hate to say I’m obsessed, but I think I might be.   Actually it’s a past love that waited patiently for me to come back.  How could I not want to spend time with that?

We became re-acquainted  one hurried afternoon when I was deep in the bowels of my craft room seeking out materials for a project for the Natives when I stumbled upon


my old planner.  Matured, a bit aged, but still good looking after all these years.  Oh memories.  Memories of days when it was just my life I had to think of and plan for.  Juggling a full time college schedule and the four jobs I needed to maintain that oh so sought after ‘higher education’.  Little did I know then that my life scheduling then was nothing compared to what I’d be trying to schedule  with the Natives.

My planner life started in 1992.  But it was in 1994 that my relationship started with this planner.  Cowboy gave me this planner for Christmas that year.   He even had my initials engraved into it.  I loved this planner.  It’s a limited edition leather Coach planner.  The simplicity of style combined with the exquisite craftsmanship make this planner beautifully superb!  I used it up until 2004 when for some abrupt reason (we moved to the South and I thought my life was over!!!!) it was packed and  forgotten.  I haven’t been the same since.  Now I realize why:  my planner was the brain I never had and always missed.  I am a self-diagnoised:  ADD/ADHD, introverted incognito extrovert with delusional tendencies to live fiction in reality (depending on the book I’m in, mood, season and what’s in my wardrobe at the time).  Cowboy can verify to this truth.

Anyway, lest I digress – I was elated when I found it!  My worlds collide all the time and my planner has always been the best of air traffic control.  To help my techno-savy Natives know what it was in their terms, I called it my IPOD and the Natives were tickled.  It was in rough shape, the rings were twisted, they caught the paper and wouldn’t let the pages flip as they should.  Fortunately Spitfire is like his daddy – handy with tools and eager to please.


He fixed it!  My next step was to find the inserts.  A brief trip to Staples left me disenchanted and with sticker shock!  $40 for boring standard filler pages – unacceptable for my planner.  I knew I could do better myself.


Armed with a template sheet, scissors, hole punch and stacks of the Natives scrap drawing paper the Warrior Princess and I set to the task of cutting out  filler paper.



The task was tedious but surely a labor of love.  I started poking around online for more personalized, pretty inserts and discovered a whole community of planner lovers!  The thing these days in the planner world are Filofaxes.  They call it Filofaxy Love.  Some people even collect them and have different planners to help organize the different aspects of their lives.

The Planner Family

Imagine the intellectual acrobatics involved in keeping up with all that!  Truly lovely but surely not for me.  I’m good with this ONE. Not that I’d feel disloyal (I WOULD!) but to try to keep track of  so many others, I can’t imagine! Plus I have sentimental attachment to this one.  Ode to Cowboy, my then 25 year old boyfriend who bought his best gal an engraved planner for Christmas.  What was he thinking?  Was he hinting that I needed help in my life planning?  How could he know how much I’d like it? How could he know how much I’d use it?  Did he think me so pathetic and lovingly guided me toward a means to help me make sense and bring order to my worlds?  He tells me he doesn’t remember, I may never know.  But there are some things that can never be replaced . . .

part II coming!


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