As a child I never liked dolls.  Their gaping life less eyes were creepy.  That cold nylon hair always tangled so easily.  Those hard plastic bodies . . . what were you supposed to do with them?! Nothing about them captivated me.  I lacked that maternal instinct to ‘mother’ my dolls.  I detested the dolls that were brought for me and I quickly ‘lost’ them to remove them from my proximity.   That was until I met


‘Cat’.  As soon as I saw her face I fell in love with her.  Her eyes weren’t gaping, they blinked and had eyelashes.  In a flash I envisioned her on countless adventures with the Warrior Princess.


Cat  came to us as a freecycle offer.  Being that she was a doll I would not have taken a second look at her.   It was the description in the offer that caught my attention:

Well-loved Madame Alexander “Pussy Cat” baby doll – circa 1960s.  This doll needs restoration (hair “transplant,” for example).  The owner tended to drag her along by her hair for several years 

A doll with baggage, needing hair . . . not something I’d go for, the creepiness factor creeps up on me, but I have a soft spot for old toys and the “well-loved” in the description made me want to adopt her.  For I most sincerely believe that inside these older toys are the captured loving memories of childhood.  It’s in these toys that a child’s imagination is sparked and the children with their toys are transported to a magical place only known to the child and their favorite toy.  Cat was one of these toys.  She came to her little girl 44 years ago.  A gift from her godparents for the event of her second birthday.  For years she was the source for creating many beautiful memories and for year’s long after Cat’s grandmother was still holding on to her.  She was well-loved until the very end.


Now Cat’s in our home and onto new adventures with the Warrior Princess.     Already, because of Cat, we’ve learned of such things as Doll Hospitals. Next week we have an appointment with the Doll Doctor.  Cat’s going to get a makeover before being formally introduced to the Warrior Princess for her first birthday.   When Cat first came into our home the Natives cringed in fright at the sight of her.  The Warrior Princess, on the other hand, reached out for her and smiled.  I foresee a long friendship developing.


5 thoughts on “Cat

  1. I feel slightly guilty, about laughing so hard, I snorted coffee out my nose that I was sipping. “Natives cringed in fright at the sight of her.”
    I love old toys. They are more “real” to me than the newer things people decide to make and sell.

  2. …….at first, her eyes startled me, but as I got to know her, she looks beautiful! I love how baby is so sweet to her ❤️ She’s so tender hearted .

  3. Her eyes have soul! She’s already coming to us with a story. She actually photographed better then she actually looks. Hope the news with the doll dr. is good!

  4. That pic is precious! Baby and Doll are almost the same size. I know the doll doctor will transform Cat into an adorable baby doll 😉

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