Spa Days

Once upon a Valentine’s Day Cowboy treated me to a spa day.  Included was a milk bath, facial, massage, manicure and pedicure.  I was 6 months pregnant at the time and the thought of being immersed in milk,  having somebody rub my face and having a full body massage just made me feel . . . anxious, nervous, queasy.  I know he wanted to pamper me.  His heart’s always in the right place.  I just don’t like to be touched.  Especially not by strangers.  I was perplexed by this gift but I went.  I took my Natives with me.  They sipped on cucumber infused water while I got a manicure and pedicure.

I didn’t see the value of spa days at the time, but I do now!  Girl time is critical to keeping me from feeling like a man.  I have a friend who never wears her hair up because she claims she looks “like a man”.  Another friend refuses to get out of bed before applying a fresh coat of lipstick and a dab of perfume.  Only then will she get up and jump in the shower.   While I can laugh at my friends for their  ‘girly – quirks’, I can totally understand.    To keep me from feeling manly I HAVE to have my feet/toes done.  Scraggly, unpedicured toes are just ugly.  Manlike ugly.  Rough chapped heels . . . I can’t function. . .


Thank goodness for spa days!!!  Not only do I do a better, more precise (not to mention more hygienic) job at home, I can share my spa time with wonderful company . . .


Yes, that’s the Warrior Princess in a bucket.  Although on spa days we prefer to call it her sauna.  It’s the best baby bath tub ever!  In her oatmeal and lavender bubble bath (she splashed out most of the bubbles when this picture was taken)she can sit up, she doesn’t slip around, she can splash and play for as long as she wants in her bucket sauna bath and the water stays warm.   She enjoys her spa day her way while I set to the task at keeping the manly at bay.


We love our spa days!


3 thoughts on “Spa Days

  1. I cannot put a comment on wordpress anymore. I loved it though! Think she will be too big for her spa soon! Stu use to soak his feet in a hospital tub for about a half hour twice a month! Then he his pedicure!  

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