Rainy Day Blues

I never understood that term ‘ Rainy Day Blues’.  I’ve always loved rainy days.

rainy day

Rainy days offer the perfect excuse to be house-bound.  To catch up on my reading, and savor a hot cup of tea.  It’s always been a time for me to nestle in and truly enjoy our home, its warmth and the people the home is sheltering.  I see it as a time to catch up on those house projects that would never get done otherwise.  Today was such a day and in our tribe that’s exactly what we did.

In honor of my mother’s beloved pit-bull, Roxie, Cowboy made a dog bird house for my jardin potager.  I can’t wait to see this painted up!


Squirrel and Chief worked on updating our kitchen art gallery.


Chief drew ‘the face of a honey bee’ while


Squirrel drew a ‘Alien Planet’.

Alien Planet

Youngblood worked on his rifle-rest

Rifle Rest

and I finally sketched Tater.  I think I’ll call it ‘ Larger than Life!’  Meanwhile

Tater sketch

the Warrior Princess

Baby Nap

took a nap.

For dinner Cowboy made his immune boosting mean green with beans chicken soup!

Mean Green Chicken Soup

It was a beautifully, productive rainy day.  Hope it rains again tomorrow.  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Blues

  1. Youngblood. He’s something. And little baby girl…she and baby sleep the same! You know what would be cute? Hanging them nap together!!!

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