2013 A Year in Review

I don’t do new year resolutions.  They’re depressing, make me focus on the negative; and they give me permission to nit-pick and beat myself up when I inevitably fall into old behavior patterns.  Instead I’ve opted for kaizen and a daily attitude of gratitude, and for 2013 I have a lot to be grateful for.




snow in the South!

Cowboy's 44th

Cowboy, oh Cowboy . . . let me count the ways.  The love of my life.  I loved him before I knew him and I continue to fall in love with him more so every day.  We’ve been together 24 years and he still makes me laugh!  His mind amazes me. He’s pragmatic and idealistic all in the same vein.  He’s my Friday, my cool glass of water on a hot summer’s day.  He makes the world make sense to me.  He’s my knight-in-shining armor, the icing to my cupcake,  he lets me be me and still loves me.  Every day with him is a true gift I know I’m unworthy of.

For my boys. My little boys who are growing up so quickly,

Final Picture of Me as MOB's

and my big boy.  I’m so grateful that he’ll always be a child at heart.


For a healthy, uneventful pregnancy.


and for the moment that it’s time for the pregnancy to end


for the prize we so patiently waited 38 weeks for!

For the love notes my beloved leaves me


In true Ryan Reynolds style it says: ” Hey Girl, I totally don’t mind finding your unfinished projects all over the house.  They remind me of you when I see them.” Cowboys’s so patient with me and all my good intentions and brilliant ideas.

For real life

Real Life Superheroes


SUPER HEROES!  A mommy never knows when she might be assaulted by frogs, spiders, snakes, mice and every other (sometimes imagined)creepy thing out there.

For Mother’s Day 2013, when my boys planted my day lily garden,



My first mother’s day with all four of my children.

For homeschooling! Curriculum’s need to be covered.  Facts need to be learned and I’m grateful we can do this together right at our kitchen table.


But everyday isn’t about arduous learning. Each day bears the opportunity for a  different adventure.  Some days we get to run away


to play GaGa Ball with friends.

Or it might be the perfect day to answer in true Socratic method: which smores taste better, one made with Hershey’s chocolate bar or Nutella?




Nutella is supreme!

I’m grateful for pool season.


and the enjoyment the whole Tribe gets from splashing around in the water.


The Natives love to swim!


2014’s your year girl!  Can’t wait to see her join her brothers in the water.


For family.


My mother and my mother-in-law with their grandkids.  The original tribal matriarch’s whose fierce faith, and self-sacrificing love  conquered the insurmountable with the grace, tact, wisdom and beauty that legends are made of.  You’re lives speak volumes for us weak and floundering, tired mothers.  I am so blessed to have you in my life to encourage me, share your recipes, send me ( I meant the kids:) ) chocolate.  Your ferocity in faith, the joy you get from your silly collections, your love of family continues to inspire me.

my new niece!


Whoa Baby, she’s beautiful!  Though I can’t convince my sister or her husband to let me keep her, I’ll rest easy knowing she’s being taken care of.  She’s as scrumptious in person as she is in pictures.  She sings beautifully and does a mean pointy-toe dance.


for my sisters and my brother who enrich my life in more ways than you could possibly imagine.  I love the people who you are and I’m so grateful for the characters the good L-rd put together in my original tribe.  An odder bunch of people found in one family had to have divine designs!  I love the laughs, the memories we make, the relationships you have with the Natives. We look forward to our next visit to the mother-ship.



for every breath the good L-rd gives me to share this life with the people He’s blessed me with.  2013 was a wonderfully memorable year and with the cast set for 2014 it can only get better!


4 thoughts on “2013 A Year in Review

  1. That was such a good recap!! Poor baby, why’d the boys wake her? And baby loved her section – you can’t have her! You can visit❤️ Love you Julie! You’re the best sister one can have and I’m blessed to call you mine!! Ps. Where’s the section on tater?!

    • Thank you! Though you’ve just exposed my real identity!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I’m still mad a Tater for peeing on my pillow. He’s such a rebellious child.

  2. How can I help but say “I have the best daughter-in-law there is!” My son is a very lucky man to have a wonderful wife and mother of his children!* Thank you for the 4 “blessings” you two have given me! I don’t always understand the things you all come up with since I am still living in the old fashion mind-set, but the fact that you work together as a family unit makes me envious!
    * How could I as a Mother of such a handsome Cowboy not think you are lucky to have him as the father of your children and loving husband also?

  3. I don’t always understand what I come up with other then it makes sense at the moment. Cowboy is a beautiful reflection of the best of you and Pop-Pop. You did a wonderful job raising him and the kids and I are the beneficiaries. Thank YOU – for everything (especially the peppermint tootsie roll lollipops, Crunch bars and the other goodies for the “kids”).

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