Woe Cowboy

Cowboy’s struggling these days.  Now that my body is fully recovered from having a baby I’m on the move and catching up on projects that need my kind of attention.  With an armament of Pinterest inspirations the homestead beckons for my special touch and this is making Cowboy a little nervous.  To my Beloved’s credit, not much can raise his ire.  Cowboy is an extremely  kind and loving man whose faith, sense of humor and patience-level  safely see him through many of life’s major and minor disruptions including many of my lesser known  . . . idiosyncracies.

To Cowboy’s chagrin, I am the proud product of two repurposing, recycling, collectors of unseen treasures.  From a very early age, whether my parents were aware of it or not, I was trained to activate the creative processes in my brain to see treasure where others saw trash.  This keen ability has filled my world with wonder, discovery, possibilities and lots of excitement!  Unfortunately, Cowboy doesn’t see it that way.

Where he sees


I see

Bog Garden

a bog garden and

Potato Farm

a potato farm!

Cowboy’s not thrilled about this.  His patience is waning, and he sees nothing funny about turning our yard into a junk yard.  If only he knew.  If he could only understand that my goals are bigger and grander than anything he could possibly imagine

Tire pool

it would blow his mind!


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