Ladies in Waiting

It’s not because my feet look like over stuffed sausages.

Nor is it the fact that I don’t trust my ankles to support my weight. I can’t even say it’s because I’ve outgrown all of my maternity clothes. My LG tee shirts are peek-a-boo shirts and my regular dresses are mini-dresses that expose my greatest of secreats – my men’s XL underwear!

36 Weeks

36 Weeks

I like to wear them as pantaloons.

Last Dress Standing

It’s not even because I have the bladder the size of an ant and that I sleep in 1-2 hour bursts because of it. Pregnancy is what it is and I try not to complain remembering that I’m blessed to be taking part of this miracle. But I’m through being pregnant. I’m only 3 weeks away from meeting this little girl and I’m more excited then ever to meet her! I’m dying to meet the little girl who kicks very elaborate paradiddles when she’s hungry. I’m anxious to see the little mermaid whose hair I saw floating in amniotic fluid.
baby mermaid

I’m curious to see what a girl version of the Natives looks like.

Feb 2013

I wonder if she’s as friendly in person as she appeared to be in our first sonogram picture meeting when she waved at me.
Waving Baby

Yes, I am definitely through being pregnant. This little girl has us all captivated. Wondering. She’s even sent her ladies-in-waiting before her.
ladies in waiting

With every piece,

Baby Girl's Travel System

with every stitch,


our anticipation grows and we fall in love with her a little bit more as she gets a little bit closer to turning our world upside down. Until then her ladies wait


and I along with them.
ready to serve and adorn her Majesty.


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