What Would Ben Say?

I’m a die-hard researcher.  There is not one thing that I will buy with Cowboy’s hard-earned money that I won’t barter, negotiate, or research before one red cent leaves this house.  Cowboy sacrifices many of his life-hours to provide for our family.  Life-hours that we can’t get back and I’m not about to waste them carelessly or cause him unnatural distress to shorten his life span because of my lack of discipline.  I’d rather do without, or make do.  Not that I’m not susceptible to impulse buys,  I’m actually working on eradicating that vice,  I often hear Ben Franklin’s warning on various occasions when I’m out shopping –  but that’s another story.

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”
Benjamin Franklin

 Bringing home the bacon is hard work, yet keeping it is even harder.  I know that first hand.   Regardless, I consider it part of my responsibilities as the Engineer of Domestic Sciences so I don’t complain much and get my jollies over the bargains I hustle.

DSCF2126         Intact Butcher block solid kitchen table – FREE

Though to my chagrin I rarely encounter others of like mind.  I understand our profession is land-mined with unexpected twists and turns that can lead to frazzled decisions based on convenience.  I also understand that not everyone agrees on what’s research worthy to invest their time in.  BUT when I discover a like-minded individual, who has confronted the question (whatever that question may be), put in the research, sacrificed the sleep,  and come up with an answer to put their money behind it I know I’ve found gold in the answer and the person!

Cloth Diapers

This past weekend I discovered such a person.  Not only did she do the research, come up with the results, tested to her satisfaction said results she also shared with me the proven product!  Cloth diapers have long intimidated me.  Not only was I having to deal with my own tortured memories of my mother’s handling of my little sisters stinky, leaky, nasty cloth diapers, I was also having to face the plethora of information available on cloth diapers.  Soooo many products to choose from, soooo many manufacturers, soooo many opinions  . . . the technology itself has changed from what was available 12 years ago (when I dared look into it for my first-born), to what’s available now.  All of it was brain-frying.  That she tackled the question was huge (and Brave), and that she shared the product with me is AWESOME!  These I can do.  These I can manage.  These are going to save us a boat load of money!

On a pricing scale $150 in cloth diapers will cover us from newborn – potty training vs. $800/* year in disposable from newborn to potty training.  Thanks to my kindred spirit, her research has added 72 hours of life/year to her Dear Uncle Cowboy. He thanks you, his family thanks you and good Old Ben Franklin would be proud of you!

Proud Ben

Ben’s approving look

C.R.G – You will never know how much this means to me.  You’ve conquered that dragon for me.  Now I’m ready to forge forward with these starters – there’s no going back now!  I’m thrilled to know you’re there for future advice,  that you’re family and that I can trust your decision-making process.

* rough estimate, yet scale is on target.


3 thoughts on “What Would Ben Say?

  1. One of my friend’s daughters started a blog about this over two years ago and it is wonderful. She lives a very green life and just gave birth to her second baby last week. What really impressed me was her budget and how she adheres to it. She has money budgeted each month for charity and plans to teach her children about charity. She also makes some crafts and gives them as gifts to friends and family members.Many of those are made with recycled clothing items she no longer needs or wants. She makes cloth diaper holders and sells them on Etsy. for her it’s about the environment more than the money but it saves on both. Great choice. By the way, most babies don’t get diaper rashes from cloth like they do from disposable.

  2. That is great news!! I hate diaper rash and probably go through more diapers then I should to avoid it. I’m looking forward to this new experience. What’s her blog address? Sounds like a blog I’d be interested in!

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