Heavenly Gifts


Somewhere in the southeastern sky, a little below Orion’s belt lies the star that Cowboy bought for me.  Years ago, early on in our courtship, Cowboy expressed his undying love and devotion to me by giving me my own star.  I’m still impressed by that gift.  His ingenuity, creativity and sincerity surpassed anyone/anything I could have imagined!  Now almost 20 years later he still knows how to make my heart melt.   But now,  how do his prodigy express their love and undying devotion to the woman they know as their mother?

The Sun

They gave me the sun of course!  For my birthday this past year this is what they gave me.  Made be a local artist, I have it hanging in the front so it’s the first thing I see upon coming home.  These little guys have a way of making my heart melt, they sure are on the right track to being like their daddy.  I love being loved by these guys and the Natives do love me.


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