Room of Shame


As only a bratty little sister can do, she called me a “Quitter” in response to yesterday’s post.  She told me that I could quit, “if that was the EXAMPLE” I wanted to set for my children.  So, she advised, I should just “quit my crying and post a picture!”  (Whatever, Brat I can live with that!).  But just to show her I’m not quitting quite yet I do have a picture for today. While this can’t be considered a highlight, it is the thing that woke me up at 2AM and wouldn’t let me get back to sleep.

Crative Space

My creative space.  Usually my favorite room, this is a charming room above the garage where I keep all my treasures, widgets and bobbits.  A place where I can sneak off to a room of my own to work on whatever nonsense my brain conjures up.  A place where Natives would love to explore but are forbidden entry. They’d make a mess of it.  Unfortunately, this is what it looks like without their help.  A violent expulsion of the attic.  A disorganized, uninspiring, uninviting, foreboding looking place.  Now, to make matters worse, I’m afraid to go up there.  Cowboy spotted a vole, a mole, a mouse – something rodent like in the garage and  I’m thinking it’s up there.  We’ve used this room for our guests before,  now I think I’d rather die if we had an unexpected guest announcement and I had to go up there to conquer this disaster so fiercely protected by that rodent-like creature in my current condition. Regardless, I post this now because I was thinking about it this early morning.  My hope is that in a  year’s time I’ll be able to see this before picture in relation to the room I intend it to become, once I gain my agility, balance and fierceness back to defeat Maestro Rodent*!

* not really.  I’ll probably send Spitfire and Tater Dog on the hunt to secure the premises before I venture in to conquer the mess.  Maestro Rodent’s are usually too fierce for me .  Cowboy’s convinced there’s nothing up there.


3 thoughts on “Room of Shame

  1. sure this wasn’t taken somewhere in my home? I just move stuff from one room to the other instead of getting rid of it as you well know!

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