I’ve been challenged anew.  My sister’s challenged me to a year of photo blogging.  A picture a day to commemorate each day’s highlight.  It sounded easy enough, so I agreed.  Although now, 6 days into it I feel cheap.  It feels too much like a facebook status update or a tweet – both of which I don’t participate in.  I just don’t think folks care about what I’m eating or what the Natives are up to in real-time snippets.

This time around there is no wager.  No threats of virtual embarrassment are on the line so I think I can back out of this without consequence.  Thus this evening, as I was about to clean out my 365 file,  I saw what I posted.  Simple yes, some of it insincere and panic driven.  But then I  thought about what’s to come (that I know of) and thought, “Yes, it would be cool to look back on this time”.  The very makeup of our family is about to change in 8 weeks.  Cowboy and I are about to have a DAUGHTER!  The Natives are about to have a SISTER!  Do the rules change?  Will she wrestle like they like to?  Will she be as rambunctious and destructive as her brothers?  Will she too have a warrior cry when she gets excited in her play?  Maybe a photo blog will be a good way to commemorate our transition into being a more civilized clan or it’ll be the documentation of the makings of a warrior princess!  Only time will tell, until then you get to see today’s highlight:

The Military 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Military Leaders of All Time

We went to the Bookstore!  Cowboy picked up The Military 100:  A ranking of the Most Influential Military Leaders of All Time ( scintillating, I know! He’s already on  Military Leader #7); and Cabins and Cottages, a how to book on building big wood things with power tools.

DSCF2090   I picked up Growing up in the South: an Anthology of Modern Southern Literature; a book of Haiku’s; Evelina a book that was anonymously published in 1778:  “a piercing and at times riotous portrait of eighteenth century society”.  I was drawn to it because of the title.  Squirrel picked up Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  Since October 2012, he’s already read through Treasure Island, The Odyssey and he’s finishing up the Swiss Family Robinson.  I’m very proud of my burgeoning little reader!

Now you know what’s going on with this whole 365 business.  I’ll keep it going as long as I can.  If by chance these posts desist it’s because that ‘cheap’ feeling overwhelmed me and I couldn’t continue with this challenge.  Until then,


(and thank you for reading)


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