War Drums

We can hear the war drums beating in the distance. . . we’ve long heard about this tribe, but the Natives have always thought their strength in numbers would beckon their own kind.   We always knew there was a possibility but never really expected a threat like this one.  Our tribe is about to be invaded by a GIRL!!

From her behavior in the first sonogram, I’ve named her Happy Sparkle Sunshine Shrader.  The Natives don’t like this, but I think it’s my way of making her a little less intimidating.  Maybe the name will grow on Cowboy.  Right now we’re just all a little scared.  I am most of all.  I’ve heard they speak a different language.  My own survival has long depended on learning the language of the Natives that I don’t know if I know how to speak “GIRL”.  I know Cowboy will be a casualty.  After his initial shock  he’s been the only one who’s been giddy over this takeover and is calling her ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’.    She’s not even really here yet and already she’s claimed her first heart.

Now, it’s time to prepare for an invasion of pig-tails, pink, ribbons, dresses, tutu’s, tights, ruffles, dolls, and easy-bake-ovens. . . .  what else is there?

We’re so unprepared.

We never saw this misAdventure coming!


8 thoughts on “War Drums

  1. How exciting!!! Praise The Lord, I’m so happy:) this will certainly shake up the Boys 🙂
    If you need help with frilly stuff, I’m on it:) the brighter the pink the better!!

    • They’re funny – Squirrel’s excited about all this, he just wants fat cheeks to kiss. You may have to start you’re “Let Lukey Kiss” campaign again! If he gets too much, I’ll just send him your way to gobble up your baby, he’d LOVE that! N’s warming to the idea. He’s liking the idea of having his own nurse for when he’s sick and having her bake him baked goods from her easy bake oven which he plans to buy her for that purpose alone.

      • Ha! I THINK this little girl will be Scrappy 🙂 SO, I’m PRETTY certain it will give N a run for his money. LET LUKEY AND BABY, I mean, PANDA KISS HER!!! If not, send him my way…Baby could use a fun, big brother. Just take it easy on Tater. He’s the one who will feel the pain…

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