Favorite People

I’m a chronic introvert with strong social aversions.   I don’t keep up with the modern trend of collecting people and calling them friends.  I’m guarded and elusive, I try not to reveal much.  Crowds make me dizzy and small talk makes me talk too fast, and unwillingly reveal too much (the pressure unravels me!!).  Being around people I don’t know makes my nose sweat and drains my energy for days afterwards.  Quite frankly I don’t trust people and don’t consider myself a people person. Sadly, my experience with people has brought me to the conclusion that ( most ) people come with more baggage then I can manage.   I’d happily exist as hermit

if it weren’t for my proclamation of faith and the Natives who need to be strategically socialized lest we be considered unsocialized homeschoolers (that’s not really a bad thing – but that’s another story). Thus, I keep my circle tight.

I confess, it’s a character flaw that needs to be handled and I’m a work in progress in the hands of my Creator.  My faith walk is helping me forgive the unforgivable, love the unloveable and to be patient with the most trying.   Yet it’s the people whose laughter breaks through my defenses that have become my favorite people.

They’re people who are passionate about living,  learning, and loving deeply.  They don’t waste their time on superficiality.  They understand my guarded nature because they’re just as guarded.  Our meetings are divinely orchestrated, there’s no other way we’d get through to each other.

They don’t judge my introversion, they understand it.  Somehow they speak to my mischievous and curious side and draw me out.  With them I’m safe, loved and I trust them to be loyal, drama-free, and utterly hilarious!    Life will happen, we might lose touch for a bit and still we can pick up where we left off – laughing, sharing current interests, rejoicing over victories and sincerely commiserating over defeats.  With a look, a simple glance we can tell what the other’s thinking.   Yet, when things are gray I know, even in our silence or distance, that there’s somebody else who cares just as deeply that I see the hand of G-d moving through the situation.  I can count on their prayers, just as much as they can count on mine.  We’ll storm the gates of heaven for each other.    Their love is genuine. Their friendship treasured.

These relationships are priceless.  Irreplaceable.  Highly valued and forever appreciated.   I am blessed to know you, (you all know who you are).  You’re laugh is forever etched in my memory and has forever altered the landscape of my life – for the better.  You came into my life at just the right time

as an answered prayer.


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