April Happenings

So this started out as Wordless Wednesday but it got too . . . wordy.  Plus it’s our celebration month and things were happening so quickly that I kept missing my Wednesday deadlines and the post with all it’s wordiness kept growing.  Regardless, I decided to keep it in its “diary” format because it’s a good reflection of what happens in our tribe and if I had to redo it, it would never get out.  So without further ado –

the month started out in high spirits!!  Our family loves to celebrate April 1.  Not only is it the funnest, silliest  day of  permissible mischief, it’s also Cowboy and mine’s anniversary date!!  

All the more reason to celebrate!!

The morning started out with my sorry attempts at “moustaching” the natives as they slept.  I pulled out my liquid liner but only got as far as

some markings on Squirrel and a Pharaoh Eye and a 1/2 moustache on SpitFire. 

(he’s annoyed.  he has no idea why I’m taking his picture here). They’re such light sleepers, between my giggling and their sensitivity to their faces being marked in the middle of the night this is the best I could get.  Although all was not lost, it got real fun when we surprised the Natives with oreos after breakfast.  Toohpaste filled oreos that is!!  (Notice Cowboy’s wet shirt – gotten by old faithful, the kitchen sink spray nozzle booby trap) The Natives were mortified!!  They were screaming that the toothpaste-cookie mash was stuck to the tops of their mouths!  First they tried to spit it out  when that wasn’t working they tried to wipe it out.  We suggested maybe they brush their teeth to help get it out.  We didn’t tell them their toothbrushes were full of salt and that I had painstakingly filled their toothpaste tube with California Baby butt paste!  But there was no time for revenge pranks, Cowboy and I hurried them up, got them ready – we had a show to catch.  For our anniversary we went to

Chief was elated!!   The Natives loved the show,

Chief most of all – he LOVES ‘MoMo’.

That week ended with Passover.  We remembered, and celebrated with our new friends.  The Natives experienced scripture come to life.  Frogs, boils, lice and hail oh, my! (Yes there were more, but not at the time this picture was taken).

SpitFire covering the doorway with blood (really crayola child-friendly acrylic paint)SpitFire being rewarded for finding the hidden Matzah.

Even though the Natives detested my ironing of their shorts and having to really scrub down for the event (yes, I took advantage of the event to get them to really scrub down.  I even made them scrub their ‘hobbit’ feet clean!), we had a wonderful time!!  For so long I’ve taken issue with the holidays. Now, through Christ, even the holidays are being redeemed.  We’re learning so much and look forward to what else will be revealed as we journey on to what the Lord has for us.

That Tues following, we had our rewards ceremony with our Classical Conversations group.  The kids worked so hard this year, they deservedly got a free day of

games, fun,


awards ceremonies and lots of great memories!

Unfortunately, later on that week,  as Tater was protecting the home front, he was viciously attacked

by a bear, alligator, chupacabra – Shraders have big imaginations ( Cowboy was the one who thought it might be a chupacabra).

The vet was amused by our suspicions, but thought a coyote was the most likely culprit.

For his bravery, Tater received 10 stitches and a horrible helmet that he had to wear.He was not happy about that.  His recovery has been quick and he’s back to patrolling the property (although we’re watching the perimeters more closely now).  We’re lucky to still have our little Tater dog.

On Friday we were disappointed to miss our plans to go to the gem mines, our little Tater dog needed us close by.  So Cowboy took  the Natives fishing near by while Chief and I stayed back to care for our brave warrior.

 These guys have a fierce call of the wild and love to be outdoors.

Saturday, we hit the gun show.  Spitfire bought a new crossbow for the new foe he’s hunting (Senor Coyote) .

Alas, daddy travelled for work this week and it was high time for the Natives to come back to civilization and experience some culture, class, and fine art .  And there’s no better place to do that then at the


The Natives, and their friends had an incredible time.  The show was ” Music as Water”, it was beautiful!  They all enjoyed it, even

Chief, the wildest of the tribe.

Though they enjoyed their time at the symphony, the Natives were glad for the end of the week to come.  Daddy was coming home and their missions on Modern Warfare Call of Duty 2 had waited too long (no, I don’t play x-box with them, there are too many good books to read or puzzles to build to waste time on that.  they don’t believe me)!!

When Cowboy travels he likes to bring us home little treats.  This trip he had the opportunity to visit Obscura.  What a cool store!   He brought the Natives

some skulls on key chains and

3 piranhas for me!  Cowboy knows how to melt my heart.  Happy 15 year Anniversary Cowboy!


4 thoughts on “April Happenings

  1. Happy Anniverssary, I remember that wedding photo. Five years ago Rob and I flew to Vegas with my BF for her wedding atop the Stratosphere. She must have forgotten I was afraid of heights!

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