Spring Garden Project

I LOVE my garden.

Cowboy and I have spent many hours planning this project.  Inclusive of

an herb spiral garden,

my tool shed and growing house, and

 fire pit. We even have a home for the chickens

 who’ll provide our supply of farm fresh eggs. Sadly this garden exists only in my imagination and on the boards of my pinterest.  This is the reality of our back yarda barren wasteland   of fallen trees, logs and leaves.  Last springs unfinished project.  We burned through two chain saws, got a tree stuck in another tree and dropped a tree onto our trampoline.  By the time pool season came around we were more than through with this project.   It’s been a whole year and the logs are still there.  We just haven’t been motivated and the $400 price tag for a new chain saw has us dragging our feet even more.  Fortunately, I came across this site and I found my motivation.  I figured I could whack away at a log for 10 minutes a day, work out some stress and by the time I was through with the backyard I’d be that much closer to my dream garden, 30 lbs. lighter AND ripped!

The challenge was on.  Cowboy hesitated in letting me get an axe.  He told me about the football player who drove an axe right through his leg.  He lovingly reminded me that I lack coordination.  I told Cowboy I agreed with his assessment, yet I argued, what did the pioneer women do when the men were off hunting, or gone for days or months on end traveling to the nearest town for supplies or when they were gone for war?  The women would HAVE to learn how to yield an axe to be able to cook for their families, warm their homes, possibly repair their homesteads.  My lack of coordination was as a result of never having to do it.  Besides, why would he want to rob me of this opportunity to grow in my self-confidence and develop some athleticism (possible guilt trip)?  He bought me an axe (even against the warnings of the men at the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store who repeated the story of the football player and the axe).  Determined in my mission.  That log had no chance.Yes, my axe chopping posture is strange.  It was my safety stance.  I bet if the football player used this stance he wouldn’t have chopped his leg.   WHACK!It took me 40 minutes and Cowboys help in delivering the final blows to do this.  My hands and arms were at complete muscle failure. My butt and legs hurt too.   I just couldn’t stop at the 10 min. mark.  With every chop I was one chop closer to my dream garden and one step closer to my shredded self.  I have a big imagination, I can still feel the effects of it today.


2 thoughts on “Spring Garden Project

  1. This is so funny! Your pictures with the ax and your pigtails are funny! BUT, when I opened up the page and saw the first image, I thought you had done that….I was mislead!! AND, please be careful with that ax. Especially with the boys around 🙂

  2. wow when I started reading I was getting discouraged cause of all the progects completed and then I read it all ha ha, Inch by inch life is a sinch, yard by yard it is veay hard…

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