Cowboy’s Kitchen

I just learned something about myself – as much as I hate cooking I hate writing about cooking even more!  Just having to research the recipes that fit our dietary criteria, shop for all the ingredients, allocate the time spent preparing and cleaning up AND make sure it’s palatable to the Natives, day-in day-out, three- times a day, sometimes more THEN add to that having to blog about it, NO THANKS, I’ll leave that up to the pros.  Not even my attempt at working through Peg Bracken’s I Hate to Cook Cookbook could keep me committed to the task.  Plus I’ll still hold, she was a cook at heart, nobody who hates to cook would mess with canapes.

Fortunately, I married a true hero with culinary skill.  Cowboy likes to cook and has stepped into this (time) vacuum I call a kitchen to explore his culinary side and save us all from the bland, raw (though nutritious) foods I have to offer.  Where as I provide the daily grub Cowboy provides the cuisine.  He’s fearless, creative and bold in the kitchen – willing to tackle anything.  He’ll take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!

He’ll tackle seafood,

regional and international dishes,

including Mexican tamales

wrapped in corn husks.  Our tribal Chief approves,

he LOVES tamales.  In Guatemala, tamales for breakfast are a Christmas tradition.  Christmas 2011, Cowboy wanted to do something special for me

and made me tamales that could easily rival my mothers!  Cowboy uses his cooking as another way to show us he loves us.   He looks forward to cooking for us on the holidays because it’s another opportunity for him to challenge himself and try something new.  He takes great care in choosing recipes he thinks we’d like to make it a meal to remember.  This past Christmas, he made us

honey-baked ham, with pearl onions, green beans and mashed potatoes.  But my description fails to describe what he prepared.  Cowboy researches his recipes to make sure that the flavors meld together for an exquisite gourmet experience.  The potatoes weren’t just potatoes they had this incredible truffle oil that just blew them out of this world.  I should have been paying better attention but I’m just the sous chef, which in our house means I get to clean up after him.  Not complaining though, I am a grateful damsel in distress.  Having to prepare a holiday meal would have me racing to the nearest train track to tie my own helpless, pathetic, culinary-inept self up!  Fortunately Cowboy loves me too much to see that happen.  He’s a kind and gracious chef who’s turned our kitchen from the vortex it was into the heart of our home.  

He’ll even satisfy my sweet tooth!  When I’m dieing for something sweet Cowboy makes me this awesome fridgecake full of heart healthy nuts and dark chocolate.   

I told the Natives to leave it alone and that they wouldn’t like it.  They believed me for a while until they tried it.  Now I have to share. 

For breakfast this morning he made us this

German fruit pancake with eggs made to order.  It was DE-LICI-OUS!

The Natives love to help him in the kitchen and he’s just as patient as he is loving.  They’re learning to love what he loves and try to help out any way they can.  

For Father’s Day last year the Natives organized his recipes and made him

his own cookbook!  We pulled together all his recipes, organized, filed and tabbed them.  But this is the way it really looks

That’s ok.  It just shows he’s been using it, and has been collecting more recipes to try out on us. 

We’re truly blessed to be loved by Cowboy. 


2 thoughts on “Cowboy’s Kitchen

  1. Everything looks delish. Rob likes to cook to (thank you Lord.) I enjoy cooking too and often we are cooking together. I would rather cook than do the clean up. I love the room in your kitchen. Ours is tiny and we are working with a Sheltie and a cat under our feet at all times.

    • That’s funny – Les really hates to clean up too. I’d prefer that a million times over then cooking. I really believe the love of cooking is a gift from the Lord. Your holiday menus must be phenomenal! Our kitchen’s a good size, but it’s still not enough room when Les gets inspired and every dish in the house comes out!

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