Antidote for Neglected Aunt Syndrome

It’s been over a month since my last post and not only did I prove that I could blog for 21 consecutive days, but also that 21 days does not a habit make or break – at least not for me – maybe I’m a 21-week kind of gal.  Alas, short of telling me that I’m a horrible sister for not sending regular pictures, my sister’s now telling me that she’s suffering from “Neglected Aunt Syndrome” and I must send pictures.  She’s even taken to looking up old pictures of the boys… so sad. I am a terrible sister.

I’m sorry for her heartache but I’m grateful for the reminder.  Truth be told, I do miss my “still” time, in front of the computer, to catch up on events.  Our lives seem to be moving at break-neck speeds these days and if I don’t pause to catch up, I’m afraid we’ll all miss it all.  The Natives are growing up so fast. . .

This past month that I haven’t blogged, the Natives have been busysqueezing out every bit of fun from the amusement park,

and looking cute doing it.  They’ve had battles as ‘Ghangis-Khan vs. Shaka Zulu’ and a Mighty-Diapered Super-Hero.  The battles were fierce,the fates of the continents would be decided by the victor!  But duty must wait,

when a warrior’s presence is demanded at the Great Wolf Lodge!

We joined a Bible Club, of which the Fiercest of Natives will always find a way to have the most fun.The Natives have been taking tennis lessons

 , catching up with old friends

and making new ones

and that’s just the short version of the story – tomorrow we visit the petting zoo!


One thought on “Antidote for Neglected Aunt Syndrome

  1. Ohhh..,you look so pretty! I cried when I saw you guys…I couldn’t even take the squinch smiling picture! I’m going to eat him up! Obviously, of I saw more pictures, I wouldn’t when I saw image of you! Symptom of neglected aunt.,.

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