21-Day Blog Challeng: OVER!

Today marks the LAST day for the 21 day blog challenge.  I have single-handedly  saved the internet world from seeing me in a bikini!  I am feeling a bit super-heroish, I actually feel like I can breathe a little easier.  My sister was a tough competitor.  Relentless in her postings.  I thought I had this won when the last week of this challenge she went on vacation in a different time zone.  Even through she was away from home, had bad or unreliable receptivity and was forced to blog from her telephone, she did it!!  She’s one tough cookie, I’ll have to think long and hard before accepting another one of her challenges (which she’s already noodling).  Still, I am glad we did this.  Even though in my most desperate days I was starting to divulge all kinds of secrets (ie bookshelf porn, ); Cowboy was starting to feel a bit uneasy about my nightly posts.  He’d ask me what I was writing about and if I said I didn’t know he’d quickly start shooting off ideas.  He knows I don’t like to run out of conversation and I’ve often said he’s my best material.  When I’m in awkward situations and I run out of conversation, a funny Cowboy story will always bring the conversation around again.  Cowboy doesn’t like that.  But desperate times call for desperate measures and running out of conversation is a desperate moment.  With public humiliation on the line, he knew I wouldn’t hesitate to go there.  When Cowboy gets irritated with me, his mouth gets really small and his eyes get beady.  It’s like his face disappears into itself.  Lately, I’ve been noticing the slow disappearance of his face.  Cowboy was starting to get nervous.  I guess this challenge ended just in time for his sake -‘Funny’ Cowboy stories might have been next.

Regardless, I do think the challenge achieved it’s purpose and so much more. Not only was my Censor disabled, I think I stumbled upon the tool to keep him disarmed and that’s just to keep on writing. I’d heard that before, but never dared to challenge the Censor – he’s one nasty fellow with a wicked, wicked tongue.  The challenge has also caused me to miss my  family up North.  We’ve been away too long and need to get back to see you.  The Mothership beckons and it’s time to get serious about rearranging the schedule and plan for an invasion!  Hide your knickknacks, knives and matches and prepare for an assault – the Natives are coming!with tattoos

and hungry!

Thank you all for hanging in there.  Until we meet again!

PS – Cowboy has assigned little sister’s name as EWOK.  It means short, rounded, hairy one.


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