Just Because I Like It

I have a special folder in my Pinterest account called ” Just Because I Like It“.  I visit this folder whenever I need a boost of silly.  The pictures in here really do make me happy.   I needed to visit this tonight because I’m streamlining, again.

I’m going through my closet and filling up garbage bags of clothes to donate.  I don’t want to be owned by my things and would rather pass on the blessings while they’re still usable.    I haven’t worn most of the things in there in a while as I like to stick to my comfy mommy uniforms.  Still when I have to dress for “people” I can never find anything to wear.  So even though this is the “best of ” from my last closet purge – out it goes.

I have to do this quick before I lose my courage.  So, I must keep it short tonight.  Still here’s a little sample of what’s in my folder.

 Here’s to finding satisfaction and freedom in giving, and enormous pleasure in the silly things!


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