Natives Lair

Decorating while living with Natives is a challenge unto itself.  Fortunately, I am a patient decorator.  I layer my home with items that evoke memories, tell stories, and simply make us feel good.  We favor honest materials that can withstand the rambunctious nature of our Natives and will look better seasoned with time.  The problem is the Natives are destructive!!  Their room is outfitted to withstand boys.  We painted the room dark colors (mostly because I thought it would have a sedative effect and they’d sleep longer.  I heard this off some idiot decorating show and discovered, it’s not true).   Their furniture is steel, wood, some plastic toy bins for Squinchy’s toys, and some industrial metal lockers for storage.  Still the Natives will find a way todestroy!! Destroy! DESTROY!!! I try to take in stride, but sometimes I just can’t take it.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I actually took a snow shovel through the room and shoveled everything on the floor into a huge trash bag (which is why the room looks semi-tidy).  The Natives haven’t missed anything – YET.  When and if they do, they’ll have to earn it back or get it back for Christmas, they really ticked me off – by the end of the night I felt so bad,  I thought I was in need of psychiatric help.

Cowboy’s usually good with the destructive aspects of the Natives nature – he was a Native once before, and sometimes his Native tendencies will re-emerge, so he understands.  He’ll repaint, spackle, set up shooting ranges, knife throwing targets – still it gets to him – especially when he starts to feel like his repair work can’t keep up with their destructive tendencies.  Sometimes     even Peter, their bearded dragon, gets annoyed with his den mates!  Life with the Natives is unpredictable, destructive and will sometimes make me feel like I’m at the end of my rope.  Still in the midst of the chaos they give me a glimpse  of their silliness and their tenderness and I’ll remember what it’s all for.  Maybe I won’t rewrap their broken toys for Christmas.


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