Just a little background . . .

When I was a little girl, my brother told me I was adopted.   He told me I was born to a Chinese family, because all 3rd born children are Chinese.   I believed him,  he was 7 years older.

When I was 6 my mother needed before school care for me. She enlisted the help of Mrs. Lee, a Chinese lady who’s daughter was in my class.  In a flash my brother’s story was proven true!  He told me that Mrs. Lee was my real mother, Mr. Lee was my real father, Qwak was my real older brother and Lucy my twin sister.  I even had a “cousin” Winnie who would visit sometimes.

After a year of trying to assimilitate to my new family (I was learning Chinese) the story with the Lee’s ends with Qwak sticking gum under the seats of Mrs. Lee’s car and blaming me for it.   In a blink I lost my Chinese family and for years I thought they’d come back for me.

This is the only thing I can point back to that can explain why I have a deeply ingrained fascination with the cultures and customs of the Japanese.  Lest someone, somewhere get offended I do now know they are two seperate countries with very different people, history, traditions, customs etc.

As a child I thought that all Asian-Pacific Islanders were Chinese.  Then after the  Qwak incident, I thought that  his section of China must be all rotten like he was. So perhaps, I  thought I must  be Chinese from the island of Japan (I’m sorry if I’m insulting anybody – we’re talking child logic here.) and I’ve been drawn to Japanese culture, heritage customs, poetry, decorating, the food – everything Japanese ever since!  Now, when I have a minute of stolen time, one of the place I like to escape to (via youtube) is Japan.  I call it “getting back to my roots”.  Now, when you see things posted with a Japanese theme to it – you’ll understand where I’m coming from.  Because tomorrow I’m covering, ” 7 Rules for Happiness – Japanese Style”!

to be continued . . .


3 thoughts on “Just a little background . . .

  1. I always thought I was adopted and my older brother and I both had an “Asian look” compared to the others. Later I was suprised to learn my baby brother thought he was the adopted one as we were all born in the south and he was a Yankee. LOL LOL

  2. That is funny! Funny how we all thought we were Chinese! Were you left with a deep afinity for any particular Asian culture as you too tried to reconnect with “your roots”?

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