Tribal Games

Our tribe likes games.  Especially Monopoly! We’d like to have a regular family game night, but lately every chance they get is game night.  They have Monopoly Fever in the worst way!

They play on a special 2000 edition given to YoungBlood,

on the event of his birth, by his dear Uncle Crazy Horse*.  A true visionary, ahead of his time, Uncle Crazy Horse knew then what we’re just now realizing  – Monopoly’s FUN!  It’s also full of life lessons absolutely critical to the proper foundations of growing up Natives, Uncle Crazy Horse is wise beyond his years.    Yet aside from the life lessons they’re inadvertently learning the Natives LOVE it!    It’s a time when their alter-egos can come out and play –Cowboy’s emerged as the ‘Investor’.  Though he’s mindful of his role as tribal leader and the importance of teaching the Natives good sportsmanship, strategy, good deals etc. sometimes his cut-throat instincts are too primal to deny.   He plays strategically, fast and furious!

YoungBlood on the other hand, starts off  fierce, simmers down to a conservative game then adapts his strategies to counter his opponents.  Yet his impatience with unexpected turns of events cause him to abandon caution and gamble his fate to the mercy of chance.  He rides high highs and low lows -sadly he’s not won in the last 5 games.  It’s this little guy who’s surprised us all!  Emerging as a true Tycoon, his game is unpredictable, strategic, confident and ruthless!  He’s won 4/5 last games.

Thank you Uncle Crazy Horse for your dearly inspired gift – it has brought us countless evenings of family fun!

* Uncle Crazy Horse, you know who you are.  We use a pseudonym to protect your identity.  We hope you know we mean this in love and challenge YOU to a game next we meet!


One thought on “Tribal Games

  1. Oh, my, goodness. Cowboy is ridiculous in his glasses! And the boys look so handsome….now the one that surprises me is panda. He’s a cheese smiler: like me!! Who knew?! By the way, what’s my code nick name?

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