Tonight I blew it and it wasn’t my fault.  It was all because of At this rate I’m NEVER going to lose weight.  I’m good all day and then in a moment of  lack of planning, no discipline and Nutella in the pantry, disaster is inevitable!  Now I have a collection of Nutella recipes that I have to try.  I have to get it out of my system before I can turn the corner and leave Nutella behind.  I might start off easy with Nutella Cookies.  NOPE a chimp would not eat this.

Then the Nutella Bread.  A Chimp might be convinced to eat this if I baked it as a banana bread.I know, I know – you’re not supposed to drink your calories!  But this is Nutella and it would go very well paired with any of the above two baked goods!

It’s the Nutella-cheesecake brownies that I’m really looking forward to and I don’t care if the chimps don’t approve – my Natives will love me for it!


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