Busted – I’m Addicted to . . .

I never thought much of it much less would I think of it as a problem.  I kind of thought of my casual meanderings as nothing more than satisfying my curiosity.  It was alluring,  seductive, intriguing, mystifying plus I found it utterly FASCINATING!  How were these things possible?  I could get new ideas, and have my mind blown by the magnanimity of it’s pure – beauty and wonder.  So exciting – I could only imagine the adventures that awaited . . .

but our internet security system Covenant Eyes recommended ME to my family as needing ” close review” and Cowboy confronted me.   ME!  I was the one who sought and brought Covenant Eyes into our household to protect my guys from the dark perversions that lurked online, just waiting to trap and ensnare them – yet there it was ratting ME out.  I didn’t have a problem, I assured him.  Yet Cowboy wanted to know what was going on.  Apparently, he thought I had “some explaining to do”.  I had no choice but to show him

my bookshelf porn site.  The site ” Porn for book lovers is a photo blog collection of all the best bookshelf photos from around the world for people who *heart* bookshelves”.  As I *heart* books and the bookshelves where they live, the site was a lure just waiting to draw me in. . .  but still I don’t think it was enough for Covenant Eyes to rat me out.  Seriously, just look at it Amazing –  I literally hear crescendo music right now!  Think about all the ideas, stories, biographies, bibliographies wisdom and just all around general nonsense just rolling around in there . . . waiting just waiting for its next rendezvous with its next willing and eager reader.  It takes me back to the first time I stepped into the Library of Congress – I’m feeling dizzy . . .    Even  the street corner book shelf, seductive, alluring, scandalous in its attempts to draw in readers is sultry and inviting.  

I always thought it was just me.  I can’t resist a good bookstore.  My favorites are those that are old, and smell musty and wise – obviously there are others like me, just more obsessive.

Regardless of its name ( I don’t like it) the site is fun.  If anything, it made Cowboy realize how fond I think my books and their homes are to me.  He laughed at his assumption of my infraction being anything other than what it is agreed to build me the “invisible book shelf” I’ve been coveting.

I have a boy who will build me bookshelves and I *heart* him for indulging me in my passions!

Aside from it’s telling on me I am grateful to Covenant Eyes for its superior service and reporting anything they suspect to be a danger to our curious, yet simple minds.


6 thoughts on “Busted – I’m Addicted to . . .

  1. your blog brings a smile to my face everyday! what is truly amazing is the fact that after all the years we have been family, i am learning more about you now than i ever knew. love ya

  2. Hi There, Your blog made it to our blogger which made to me, so could you help us out please? On your CE report, click on the url that includes bookshelfporn.com and submit a rating change request so we can look at the entire url for evaluation. We have this domain in our database, already appropriately rated and it should not trigger a close review recommended on your accountability report. Appreciate your help, all the best!

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    • I Love knowing that Covenant Eyes flagged my bookshelf porn. I’m so thankful for this service. Covenant Eyes is no longer flagging the bookshelf porn site, they’ve modified their settings. I’m grateful for their stringent standards and can trust my boys won’t be victims of predatory pornagraphic sites/images with Covenant Eyes on the watch!

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