I Hate Cooking –

but I have to feed the Natives.   There are so many things to think about: watch out for the preservatives, stay away from processed foods, watch out for glued meat, read the packaging, don’t forget about the food dye’s, WHOA – watch that sugar content!  and that’s just the beginning.  It wasn’t until I read this book

that things got very simple for me.  Cowboy got me this book for my birthday one year and I LOVED it.  Doc even autographed it for me with this inscription:

Thank you so very much for buying my book.  I truly hope you like it – that it motivates you.  Indeed, that it even inspires you to want to be healthy so you might live long and *risky.”  He quickly became one of my guru’s!

In his book Surfing and Health: Live Long Live Well Dorian Paskowitz, MD (aka Doc)  one of the things he writes about is the simple observation he made  about the diets of chimpanzees vs that of the typical American.  I read the book 2 years ago and true to his wishes he has inspired me and I have been making steady progress in making healthier choices for myself and my family.

My problem has been trying to teach the Natives why the foods that they see on tv, or in the colorful packaging at the grocery stores is not meant for human consumption as much as it is to turn a buck at the expense of their health.    I tire of being the gatekeeper in their naturally sugar-pursuing, junk-food leaning tendancies and will cave in to their demands more then I’d like to.  Now with a hedonistic 2 year old, who is showing his strength and power in demanding all things sweet – I’ve been feeling like I’m quickly losing control of the situation.   It was time to fight back.  I’d have to reel the first two in with the only thing I have – EDUCATION.

Thanks to Doc, we’ve been doing a comparative study of the Chimpanzee Diet vs that of the Standard American Diet (SAD).

They made two pie charts and quickly noticed the difference.  Squirrel said, ” it’s all dead!” while Spitfire noticed, ” it’s all processed – and white!”   The Natives learn quickly with visuals.  Based on many scientific journals modern people and chimpanzees share an estimated 99.4% of their DNA sequence.   Then why do our diets differ so greatly?

Based on Jane Goodall’s (world famous researcher on chimpanzees) studies, chimps diets varies depending on the season.  With greens making up 25-50% of their diet; 10% of their ratio in blossoms; 2-7% in pith and bark; and never more then 1% in insects.

The standard american on the other hand

shows us that humans eat what chimps don’t.   Our diet consists of 65% breads, rice, white flour products; 25% animal protein, minimal greens and oil.  Looking at it that way – gross!  The only explanation the Natives and I could come up with as to why are chimps eating better then we are – the “dead” high processed stuff is convenient.   It’s the whole battle of macro-nutrients vs. mirco nutrients deal.

The Natives know they are made in the image of God.  They know that God gave us dominion over all creation.  With that settled why would we choose to put non-food items in our bodies when chimps clearly don’t?  Food choices becomes a simple question of : “would a chimp eat that?”.

I love homeschooling! Our studies go on and I expect it to be a life long learning process of making good choices, at least I can give them a starting point.  Doc has inspired me to make better choices and now I’m passing that knowledge on to  the next generation.

At least now they’ll have a better understanding as to why I don’t buy non-food items meant for human consumption.  Why I bake breads and muffins with seeds and fruit; why they’re smoothies are green; and their snacks are vegetables, nuts and raisins.  Finally why I INSIST on giving them vegetables for breakfast, and dare them to drink their vegetable juice Bear Gryllis style – without hesitation.

But alas, tomorrow’s the weekend and Cowboy gives us all relief from my militant tactics in the kitchen.  He’s the perfect balance of what we should be eating but prepared with love, care and FLAVOR!!!  Not only does my man know how to cook, he also LOVES what he does and takes great pleasure in fixing us something that we enjoy!  That’s another blog in itself . . . maybe it’ll be called Cowboy’s Cuisine!

* Dear Doc –

Thank you the book!  True to your wishes you have inspired us to make healthier choices.  My husband and I do have a life long goal to live long and ‘risky’ and hope to climb the Appalachain Trail upon retirement!

All the Best,

Nina, Cowboy and the Natives


One thought on “I Hate Cooking –

  1. That was funny! It did make me want to get the book…I liked the visuals, too, ewww to what the boys like to eat. Was the chinese food buffet on there?!

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