Born to be frugal

My parents were born in a third world country at the end of the American Great Depression.   As a result, my parents were “green” before green was a thing.  From the very begining I was trained to value hard work, repurpose products, upcycle, and not be wasteful.  I was trained to shop at the finest thrift stores in the Washington Metropolitan area for clothes and household items;  and to shop the yard sales and pawn stores for power tools, bikes,  jewelery . . . everything else.

When I was 12 I came home with my first ‘find’

a beautiful glass lamp that our neighbor had thrown out (I’ve seen imitations of this in Pottery Barn!).  Graciously, my mother  tried to find a place for it  (it was atrocious to her more ‘delicate’ decorating senses) until I could finally move out and take it off her hands for good.

Now, I’m loving this whole ‘green thing’.  It so appeals to my thrifty sensibilities! I love the chatter that’s going around about getting off the grid, being more self-sufficient, repurposing, finding new ways to use old things – I love saving the green in my pockets!  One of those things that got me going last week was this find:

from PinterestCrafthours blog spot  gave me the perfect solution for my  sentimental tee-shirt collection that I would NEVER get rid of but can’t exactly wear because my boxy shoulders enhances the boxiness of the shirts.  Now I have these!

I’ve been going crazy turning all my boxy tee shirts into fabulous tank tops – so much so that it’s become my “house uniform”!   I love them – they’re comfortable, stylin’, and most importantly – sentimental.

Although, Cowboy tells me I still look boxy. . . I’m thinking it’s my lack of traps and unshapely deltoids causing the problem.


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