Though I wasn’t allowed to name our first born son after professional bull-rider, Tater Porter, I was able to name our beloved family pet Tater.

Born in a botched backyard puppymill, Tater and his brothers and sisters were abandoned as young pups to the custody of the Rockville, MD Humane Society.

Fortunately, thanks to Lizzy’s Lodge Rescue, Tater was rescued.  His incarceration left him with a touch of  kennel stress that he’s since channeled into becoming a fierce competitor at the Jack Russel Terrier Races.  He’s a blue ribbon winner who excels at the Rat Hunt competition.  The Natives think of him as their brother with long teeth, and a tail and love to cheer him on.

Today, Tater is a well adjusted addition to our clan (though sometimes Cowboy doesn’t think so, Tater’s mischief is usually directed at him).  He sleeps in a bed under our bed, watches tv with us on his own little sofa, he loves mealtimes (as Squinchy is quite the messy eater and insists on feeding himself), and collects all kinds of stuffed animals and squeeky toys – whether they’re meant to be his or not.  His days consist of  patoling the the yard for miscreants (aka squirrels, cats, chipmunks, voles, birds etc.) and taking me for walks.

Tater is a wonderful dog, but like his brothers full of mischief and antics that threaten to  push Cowboy and I over the edge.  Like his brothers he digs holes in the yard; he loves hunting with Spitfire but he kills whatever he finds (I’m the only one with a problem on that one); he has a bad habit of jumping up on the table to ‘clean it off’ ( a bad habit that I’ve caught Cowboy encouraging when it was his turn to clean the table); worse then all that he ate the Book of Psalms from the Bible.

Regardless, we are grateful for our experience with Lizzy’s Lodge and would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness about the irresponsibility, cruelty, and greed of puppy mills everywhere.  Please spay and neuter your pets and visit your local shelter or rescue agency to adopt a loving companion before helping yet another puppymill turn a profit at the expense of the innocent.

DVC 7/21


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