I’m in the middle . . .

of a a challenge.  It takes 21 days to break or make a habit and as I’ve tried to commit to blogging more regularly (see previous confessions post), I’m finding it difficult to get into the habit of posting.  ENTER little sister with a ‘genius’ challenge – ” we’ll blog for 21 consecutive days. ”  Hmm . . . that would get us in the habit of regularly posting, it would force me past that censor that screams and tells me that I can’t write, and that I have nothing to say.  My censor tells me that my writing exposes the truth about me to everyone, the truth being that I’m an idiot with nothing to say (my censor is vicious)!  I don’t like my censor, so I thought this to be a worthy challenge to shut that voice up once and for all.  I even agreed to the consequence for failing to post.  It  would be  HORRENDOUS, HEINOUS, DISTURBING, THE WORST THING IMAGINABLE –  I’d have to post a picture of myself in a bikini on the internet – TRAGIC!!!!  Truly eyes would bleed.  It sounded like a plan, 6 days ago, I was pretty confident I could handle this for 21 days.  Now I find myself with nothing to say as the Native’s are abusing my distraction by staying up way beyond their bedtime, terrorizing each other, running around, screaming – I am actually hearing bowling balls roll around in their bedroom and I’m hoping they don’t break anything or hurt themselves before Cowboy hears this too and rushes in to intervene . . . my mind, flits and wanders in Never, Never Land. . .

and I have nothing to say.  Now my censor’s laughing.  So much for shutting it up.  Maybe there’s a reason that inner critic (aka my censor) is there:  to spare people from the mindless, wanderings of my mind.  Although . . . that makes me wonder about facebook, twitter, all the instant messaging we have access to:  are we just wasting each other’s time and over exposing ourselves?

On that note, please forgive my random rantings.  I will (try) to be more intentional on  what I post.  . . but at least now you’ll understand the erraticness of the posts – at least for the next 15 days.  Right now this little competition already has me thinking of tomorrow’s post:  The Natives are doing an intense study on a Chimps diet and comparing it to the Standard American Diet.  Lately, it’s got them thinking about their own food choices, that’s good stuff for the homeschooling section of this blog!

Anyway, stay tuned as I desperately try to save myself from the most horrible, horrendous, most awful of public humiliations!

DMC 6/21


2 thoughts on “I’m in the middle . . .

  1. i think that “censor” is more like a little devil. you have a God given talent for writing. look at what you just did. you blogged about nothing and it was fascinating! i double dog dare you to meet this challenge!

  2. Thank you, Teri! Alright . . . it’s game on, can’t resist a double dog dare! Now if I don’t blog not only do I have to do the bikini shot, but I volunteer Cowboy to also have to have his picture posted on the internet in one of those European men’s swim suits! Now I REALLY can’t quit (I’d hate to break the news to him).

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