School’s in Session

I’ve been preparing for this all summer.  Kind of.  There’s just something about this year that’s got me intimidated, anxious about starting, scared almost  . . . .  could it bethe Natives?!  Just the idea of trying to wrangle them into a classroom to be civilized – DAUNTING!  My job this year is to make their learning fun while covering the 3 R’s.  My goal is to put them more in control of their education.  This is especially difficult for me as I tend to be an overdriven, controlling, neurotic,  introverted, task-master with an un-natural obsession for the literary arts.   I like quiet and need it as much as oxygen, if not more.  My weaknesses in school are math and science.  If I could ignore them I would, but as fate would have it, the Natives LOVE math and science and they won’t let me.   Regardless, it makes for interesting days when you pair the likes of me with a household full of rambunctious, little boys who need movement, noise, and all things messy.  Of course I have good reason to be scared!  Alas, one of the tools I’ve found to be an incredible blessing has been

our workboxes!  It’s where we can meet in the middle.  A variation based on Sue Patrick’s Workbox System the boys are responsible for what’s in their box.  Different from Sue’s system, which is 12 boxes per day, our system has been refined to 1 box/day combined with a learning log.  Each boy has a set of magazine holders which holds their daily work and then they have the office folders with their work box work.   This helps me stay with it (I fill their boxes once/week), it doesn’t overwhelm them (it doesn’t overwhelm me!), they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work and it gives them ownership over what they learn.  Their boxes are filled with reinforcements for what we’ve learned that day,  along with fun stuff that they look forward to doing.  Such as the projects I’ve been finding on pinterest!  I hope to post more on what we’re doing in our workboxes – it’s what makes OUR school days fun!  If you have any ideas on what I can put in their boxes (especially math/science ideas) I’d love to hear them!

DMC 2/21


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