Little Things . . .

I’ve been down lately.  Not sure if it’s the change of seasons, the pool closing, school starting or that my (eldest) little boy just turned 11.  All I can think about is the truth in what   Gretchen (Rubin) said, ” The days are long, the years are short”.   It’s time I take a minute to appreciate the little things that make me happy.  Like:

the hand-picked bouquet’s from little boys who think to show their love for mommy by picking her the prettiest flowers they can find!

how I’ve been dying for a pearl necklace ( I really do believe it’s what I need to make my cooking taste better!) and how Spitfire split with his hard-earned cash to pay the $2.00 for these real pearls at a garage sale.  They were unstrung but he  bought them for me with the intent to string them for me, but his younger brother beat him to it.

I can’t imagine a more beautiful necklace then this one!  the pride he felt when the little seed he planted, faithfully watered, weeded, and took care of  FINALLY gave him his first tomato for the season!

the satisfaction in his smile.  Not a care in the world.  Just enjoying the moment.brothers making memories and the privilege I have in being a part of that.

how at the beginning of summer Squinchy was terrified of the rides at the amusement park.  This day

he considered ‘the Beast’ and

dared to brave it with the support and encouragement of his older brother.

my front porch.  Cowboy built this for me for our anniversary this year!

Front porch14 years married 20 years together! It’s where we sit to watch the boys play at the end of the day; where we welcome our neighbors home from work and where we runaway to every night to review the days events.   Upon review, my life is full of love and blessings. . . . it’s all in the perspective and in my attitude.  I’m not feeling blue anymore, there’s no time for that . . . The days are long, and the years are short.


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