Solution For My Cooking Dilema

Hire help!

The competion was fierce!!  Fortunately, I had two positions to fill.  Breakfast Chef and Lunch Chef.

Oh, and one VERY hungry Native!

They are excited about this.  They plan their menus

with a little help from the family nutritionist (that’s me of course).  Their meals include 1 protein, 1 carbohydrate, and 1 fruit or vegetable.   Yet, fear not, my most loving and watchful Grammy, Aunts, Uncle, and Cousin readers – I’m also their trusty sous chef and I make sure they’re getting their adequate nutrition with dinner preparations. I make their snacks, bake the breads, make their vegetable juices and/or fruit smoothies,  I’m also departmant of health, safety inspector, fire marshal and clean-up crew . . . . yes everything else.   Regardless,  I find this to be an excellent solution!  The Natives are learning nutrition, cooking, meal planning, grocery shopping, budgeting,  and are learning to serve one another.  To date they complain less at meal times, they’re learning how to give and receive compliments and how to constructively criticize their fellow chef.

As for my kitchen duties (aka Everything Else), all I need is

I LOVE the Texas Tornados!!  They make me happy.

The upbeat tempo, the English/Spanish lyrics, the wild accordian – everything I need to help free my mind from k i t c h e n  d u t y .

You got any tricks to help survive the kitchen doldrums?


One thought on “Solution For My Cooking Dilema

  1. Yes, having great ingredients! when we get our share from the csa or farmers market, inspiration hits!

    Plus, we just got a cuisianart blender. A pink one. I can’t wait to use it tomorrow.

    Good ingredients, good tools and eddie bedders ukulele album help us!

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