Dear Ruth & Joel,

In  honor of your birthday this year we wanted to celebrate your birthdays’ distinctively GUATEMALAN style!

First, you have to imagine you’re there, you can hear the marimbas playing in the background, you’re back from whence you came – the beautiful land known as “the soul of the earth and the land of Eternal Spring”.

Early in the morning, you’re woken up with your friends and family gathered around you for a serenade.

After a day of celebrating the real celebrating begins!!  Guatemalans LOVE cake (it’s true – there are cake shops everywhere!)Especially a Captain America Birthday ice-cream Cake (1/2 Cookie Dough ice-cream, 1/2 Oreo, the Natives couldn’t agree)! The Natives eagerly anticipate  blowing out the candles and wishing you many wonderful things for the year to come (since Squinch is blowing out the candles he may be wishing you an abundance of goat milk bottles, finger paints at your disposal and plenty of good eats on demand!)

Once the smoke cleared, the Natives dove right in!

then they were ready for the real deal Birthday FIREWORKS!!!
We had an awesome day preparing and celebrating your birthdays’ (just like they do in Guatemala).  Though we weren’t able to be together this year,  you were close to us in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.  Every July 21 we will be celebrating you where ever you are, where ever we are.   We are an amazingly blessed family to have you in our lives and we are so grateful for you.  You add humor, depth and significance to our lives and we look forward to seeing you on our next visit.  We hope you had as much fun on your birthday as we did!  Love you Lots!!

4 thoughts on “Dear Ruth & Joel,

  1. Did you realize the videos are private and can’t be seen by readers?
    LOVE Your blog and entries and the natives are adorable!!!!

  2. That was the best birthday gift ever! I felt I was gifted with it! I think I’ve watched the Squinch video a hundred times!

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