A Mountainous MisAdventure

Yesterday was the 3rd time we ventured to get here

Every time we try there are either high winds or bad weather. Grandfather’s Mountain Mile High Swinging Bridge is a 2 hour drive for us and just 20 minutes from our destination point it started raining!  The Natives were restless, we needed to get them out of the car, we were willing to pay the entry fee and suffer the rain but the gatekeeper in kindness told us she’d gladly take our money but we wouldn’t be able to see anything. Temperatures at the bridge were in the 40’s, the fog was so thick we probably wouldn’t see any animals if they were even out at all.  If we were looking for some family fun, she recommended we head down the mountain a little ways to Mystery Hill.  ABSOLUTELY!  We headed down the mountain and found ourselves

in a vortex!.  We had a blast! We watched a ball roll uphill,and generally just played around in this natural phenomenon.  Then we headed to check out the rest of the museum.

We played around,

and left our shadows behind.

The museum was full of natural wonders and surprises for all of us.

And then we hit the mines.  Doc’s Gem Mines, that is!

We saw and played in this awesome tree house!

I even had the pleasure of meeting and talking with the builder!  A wonderful gentleman with craftsman skill and artistry (I wish I’d thought to take his picture).

But the mining had started, and gems were already being discovered!

Even Squinchy found treasures, in the free fruit that they offered.

Then off to the gemologists to see what they had.

Sparx and his loot.

Spit Fire found sapphire!


On the way home, the Natives got hungry.  So we joined these black bears for a meal of boiled peanuts and fried apple cakes!  A wonderful end, to a wonder-filled day!  We’ll get to that bridge . . . on another day!


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