Peg and Me

Kind of like the movie “Julie and Julia”.  Except I don’t enjoy cooking and my cooking guru is Peg Bracken author of the ” I Hate to Cook Book”, a woman ahead of her time, who truly understood my fear and loathing of the culinary arts.

The beginning of the book is fun to read.  Her writing is entertaining, engaging and absolutely personable!  She wrote this for me: ” This book is for those of us who hate to, who have learned, through hard experience, that some activities become no less painful through repetition:  childbearing, paying taxes, cooking.”  She had me at Hello.

As I scanned through the book the recipes seemed easy enough, although I’m still wondering about her chapter ” Company’s Coming or Your Back’s to the Wall”.  Anybody who truly HATES to cook will not find herself with her back against the wall where she is forced to cook.   There is too much of a good opportunity there to share great local eats with said company.  It makes no sense to waste a perfectly good day toiling, slaving and laboring in the kitchen for a meal.  Not to mention the stress leading up to said event!  Also her chapter on Canapes – nobody who hates to cook would in their right mind mess with such a thing.  Regardless, Peg’s proclamation about the recipes in the book about ” even we (meaning those of us who hate to cook) can make them taste good” appealed to me.  I decided to try Peg’s recipes.

I started with Chapter 1:  30 Day-By-Day Entrees.  Stay abed stew.  I put the ingrediants in the crock pot and left for Bible Study.  Although I wasn’t all that thrilled with the tomato soup it called for.  She just listed 1 can and I wasn’t sure she meant the small can or the family size can.  I went with the small can because I figured they weren’t used to the excessively large packaging of processed foods in the 1960’s.  Regardless,  I was looking forward to how my first day with Peg would turn out.  I came home and my house didn’t have that spectacular, ‘something’s cooking!’ smell.  I thought something might be wrong.

I looked in the pot and it wasn’t pretty, otherwise I’d share a picture.  It was stinky actually.  But then again, I’m not a big meat eater.  Whatever, I served it up, my Natives were starving.  They ate quietly.  I could tell they were not happy.  Cowboy said it was good, but he’s always so good at encouraging me.  Nobody wanted seconds.  I thought it tasted like crap.  I called it crap stew.  The leftovers are still in my fridge, we’re all afraid of opening it to throw it out.

It’s been two week since this experiment happened.  Now I’m afraid of this cookbook and don’t know if I trust another recipe to finish my 30 Day-By-Day Entree challenge.

Although, ‘Pedro’s Special’ seems interesting.  Maybe I’ll give Peg another chance . . .


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