Meet the Natives

Every summer we travel to Papua New Guinea through Otto Koning’s

Pineapple Series.

We love his stories and discover so much wisdom, encouragement and truth through his life’s experiences.  It was shortly after listening to this, one summer, that I realized what was awry with my life – I was living with the Natives and had no idea how I’d got there!!     Just like Otto’s Natives our Natives speak a different language; have strange customs and  don’t care much for personal hygiene.  They’re rambunctious, destructive, messy and loud.  They take our things without permission,  lose them – sometimes even try to sell them back to us.  As much mischief, wildness and barbaric howling that they’re capable of, our Natives fill our lives with adventure,  wonderment, bemusement, and authenticity.  They are fascinating people, and like Cowboy, easy to love.

Native #1 aka Young Blood/Spitfire came into our lives nearly 11 years ago.   He is as intense as he looks.  A type-A typical Alpha Male, everything to him is best enjoyed in it’s extreme form. He is our nature-loving native.  He is the one I cry out to to protect me against all the creepy-crawlies that might pop up in the house or garden.  He loves all things competitive including but not limited to  hunting, dissections and coming up with money making schemes. When he grows up he plans to  be a Bear Gryllis style  globe-trotting,  secret agent, weapon-making, cardiologist or neuro surgeon, depending on the day.    

Native #2, aka Squirrel/Sparx came to our tribe 7 years ago.  Squirrel is silly.  He loves to laugh, and play jokes on people (Young Blood being his favorite victim) – he lives in the moment and loves it!  His mischief is for the sake of a giggle.  He is the antithesis to Young Blood.  He loves to cook, ride his bike, swim and ride roller coasters.  He’s a natural artist in love with the world around him.  When he grows up he plans to be an inventor and own and operate a “healthy” restaurant.

Native #3, aka He Who Has a Big Belly and Eats with Little Teeth ( Squinchy for short) invaded our village nearly 2 years ago.  He took our homestead by surprise, appointed himself king, stole our hearts and has held us captive ever since.  Squinchy LOVES to eat – everything (except avocados).  While he’s not yet revealed his future plans we are certain it will involve lots of good food!


4 thoughts on “Meet the Natives

  1. Oh, I love it! #1 Native surely got into it…scary! Why is #3 crying in the first pic and then a “maria” in his bio pic. I LOVE little Squirel’s bio. So sweet. DID YOU MENTION that he is truly MINE! YOU TOOK HIM FROM OUR HOME!

  2. Joel, conservative CHRISTIAN kids learn responsibility at young ages in “blue” states and “red” states. In “red” states with a LIBERAL mindset they never learn self control, INDIVIDUAL responsibility or Christian empathy for others as taught in the Bible. Little CHRISTIAN kids aren’t running around playing with “knives”. Fabricating stuff to look superior in your “red” state is unbecoming to you. BTW, there are probably some CHRISTIAN kids in your “red” state too. Maybe you didn’t know that genuine Christians can live in “red” or “blue” states. It is a pity you need to turn a fabrication into a sleazy political statement about Bible based Christians to try and APPEAR more pious.

    • Hi Nancy-

      I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. We’ve been out of state, then my family visited – the double back to back whammy has me completely turned upside down! Anyway, thank you for reading and responding to my blog. I forget that this is “out there” and that not everybody knows everyone. Joel’s my big brother and he’s always teasing me. The funny thing about him is that he’s a die-hard Bible thumping, God-loving, conservative patriot with a passion for evangelizing and sharing the truth with any and all who’ll hear him. That you took the time to respond the way you did makes me think you two would have LOTS in common! He’s a super generous, kind-hearted, gregarious, individual – maybe you’ll see more of him in upcoming posts! Thank you for your faithfulness, and boldness in speaking truth. All the Best!

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